What is MIM(Metal Injection Molding) ?
MIM is the new generation technology in metal component production, which combine conventional power metallurgy technology and injection molding technology for precise plastic component production.

플라스틱사출성형(Plastic Injection Molding) +  분말야금(소결)(Powder Metallurgy) = 분말사출성형(Powder Injection Molding)

MIM stands for Metal power injection molding, and combines advantages from each injection molding and power metallurgy to proceed mass production of precise and complicated small components with competitive price, and satisfy various requests from designers by giving flexibility to metal component design. In this technology, it makes Feedstock by mixing metal power and binder, makes a shape of parts, eliminate binder without deformation of parts shape, and give mechanical properties to parts as close as theoretical density of powder.

1. 재료의 다양성, 2. 내부결함의 최소화, 3. 기존 공정대비 원가절감, 4. 후 가공없는 대량생산, 5. 정밀한 3차원 형상제조, 6. 제품설계의 자유도 확보, 7. 정밀도↑/양호한 표면조도, 8. 친환경적, 기술집약적

Typical material & properties

Typical material & properties>
Material Composition Density(%) Y.S.(MPa) T.S.(MPa) Elongation(%) Hardness
SUS316L Fe-17Cr-12Ni-2Mo-2Mn 96 175 520 50 67HRB
17-4PH Fe-16Cr-4Ni-4Cu 96 750 900 10 25HRC
SUS440C Fe-16Cr-1Ni-1C 96 410 620 2 43HRC
SUS440J2 Fe-13Cr-1Mn-1Si 96 690 1440 6 47HRC
SUS304L Fe-18Cr-8Ni 97 240 480 35 85HRB
AISI4140 Fe-17Cr-1Ni-1Mn-1C 96 410 620 2 43HRC
2%Ni-Fe Fe-2Ni 96 190 345 30 55HRB
GHS-4 Fe-12Cr-40Ni 97 560 800 2 330HV
HK30 Fe-25Cr-21Ni 97 350 540 8 140HV
DIN 1.4091 Fe-36Cr-16Ni-2Mo-1Mn 98 750 550 8 310HV
  • Kneading (metal powder + binder)
    This process makes feedstock by mixing powder and binder using Kneading machine.
  • Injection (make a shape of parts)
    It is similar to plastic injection molding process. Metal powder and melt is co-exist at this process, control of process parameter such as pressure, temperature, and speed is crucial.
  • Debinding (Eliminate binder max 95%)
    This process eliminates binder which used for making a shape of parts. There is thermal debinding process and catalyst debinding proess, and we are using thermal debinding process by using controlled atmosphere gas.
  • Sintering (Give mechanical properties)
    As a final process of MIM, it gives debinded parts mechanical properties by increasing sintering temperature.

가공 없이 교차 Hole 구현, 이종재질 접합 소결, 인서트 사출

  • Spool with Inner oil/air hole
  • Solenoid Valve Part with Two-material
  • Stainless Valve with round wall

TurboCharger 부품, 자동차 부품

  • Turbocharger Parts
  • Automotive Parts
  • 혼련기 ( 25kg-3sets, 100kg-1set )
    Kneading machine
  • 사출성형기 ( 50ton-11sets, 80ton-6sets )
    Injection molding machine
  • 탈지로 ( Batch-1set )
    Debinding furnace
  • 연속 소결로 ( 3set )
    Continuous sintering furnace
  • Batch 소결로 ( 7set )
    Batchsintering furnace