What is Centrifugal Casting?
Centrifugal Casting is the powerful manufacturing process of the ring - shaped products. The molten metal is poured into the rotating mold (300~3,000RPM) and inclusion and slug are removed by centrifugal force which gives the parts excellent properties without any internal defects. According to the rotation axis of mold, the centrifugal casting process is classified as vertical type and horizontal type. Traditional centrifugal casting is horizontal type which make the parts with tube type. Our company, however, developed new technology, 'PIM KOREA's vertical centrifugal casting process' to meet the needs of our customers.
※ When pouring and solidifying the melt, the parts are produced by centrifugal force from rotating mold with high speed.
※ Microstructure is dense without porosity and it is easy to remove and separate metal inclusion by the difference of specific gravity between the parts and inclusions.
  • 수직형 원심주조 - PIM KOREA
    Vertical Centrifugal Casting - PIM KOREA
  • 수평형 원심주조
    Horizontal Centrifugal Casting

  • Centrifugal Casting
    1. Simple production process
    2. High mechanical properties
    3. High productivity
  • Appropriate to flange shaped and hard cutting metal products
    15~20%lower cost comparing to horizontal type
    Possibility of making small inside diameter
    (min, 20mm)
    No internal defects

Typical material & properties

Typical material & properties>
Material Composition Y.S.(MPa) T.S.(MPa) Elongation(%) Hardness
GHS-4 Fe-12Cr-40Ni-6Mo 700 900 3 370HV
DIN1.4091 Fe-36Cr-16Ni-2Mo-1Mn 650 850 2 350HV
DIN1.4509 Fe-18Cr-Ti-Nb 300 530 2 160HV
DIN1.4845 Fe-25Cr-21Ni-1Si 220 550 25 150HV
PL33 Fe-34Cr-3Mo 300 630 2 350HV
PL23 Fe-19Cr-13Ni 350 650 8 240HV

1.원재료, 2.용탕, 3.주입, 4.원심주조, 5.주조품, 6.용체화 풀림, 7.가공, 8.제품


적용부품 사진

  • 용해로 ( 300kg-1set )
    Melting Furnace
  • 원심주조기 ( 32cavity-2sets, 26cavity-1sets )
    Centrifugal Casting Machine
  • 황삭 가공기 ( 단능반-13set )
    Rough Cutting Machine
  • MCT 장비 ( 6set )
  • CNC 장비 ( 44set )
    CNC Lathe