PIM KOREA will continue to create value for customers by reinforcing
competitve increasing technological MIM CC, Machine Work will continue to create.

Trust and continuous innovation is not only the mission of PIM KOREA,
but also the promise with customers, and motivation to drive the higher value and target.

PIM KOREA will do best to achieve customer satisfaction in accordance with company policy Creativity, Harmony, Openness, and the best technology by innovate research and development.
2001 ~ 2016년도 순
  • 2016
    11: Awarded as a Star enterprise 100 of upbringing business project in Daegu
    07: Awarded as a representative employment-friendly company in Daegu
    05: Awarded as a global hidden champion enterprise by SMBA
    05: Move to Seongseo 5th industrial complex (Headquarter & Housing machining)
    05: Start to develop CDA for valve train
    11: Start to develop Lambda VFS parts with Borgwarner Emission
    09: Start to develop SSB with HMC
    09: Start to develop GTD12 Vane with Honeywell
    06: Start to develop GTE14 Vane with Honeywell
    01: Start to develop RHV3 T/C parts with IHI
    01: SOP for RHV4 T/C parts with IHI
    10: Awarded as "The company that people want to work" by INNOVIZ
    08: Awarded as "Small & medium company with best jobs" from by
    Small & Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
    06: Awarded as "Good working environment company" in Kyung-san city
    03: Received the commendation from Minister in Ministry of Knowledge
    Economy (MKE) on 39th Day of commerce and industry
  • 2011
    09: Established Frankfurt office
    06: Certificated SQ mark (HMC / KMC Supplier Quality System)
    11: Established plant 2 in Kyung-san city
    (Centrifugal casting & Housing machining)
    03: Start to develop VTG 6 Vane and Centrifugal casting parts with Borgwarner
    09: SOP for VTG4 T/C parts with Borgwarner
    08: Acquisition of Rapidus
    01: SOP for VTG3 T/C parts with Borgwarner
    12: Certificated ISO/US 16949
    07: Move the land for Plant 1 - current location of plant 1
    05: Established R&D center (No. 20051741)
    05: Certificated ISO 9001, ISO 14001
    05: Established PIM KOREA Co.,Ltd.